Racing Expectation's History

If it were easy - everyone would do it!
The vision of Racing Expectations started in 2007 when we started directing races.  When we first started, it was difficult to know what contacts I needed to get started, and what services I needed to provide to our runners.  Once we knew what to do, the problem arose of finding different vendors to check their availability for our event…and then came the problem with pricing!  All of these hurdles made it difficult to have fun when directing a race for a volunteer organization.  With Racing Expectations, we take the headache out of the planning to help you concentrate on your event.  Our core service is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip timing at an affordable price.  With RFID technology, we are able to provide accurate and immediate results to competitors without the delay of manual scoring for events.   To tie in our chip timing to your event we provide a high-quality finish line with digital scrolling LED marquees that can be switched to a race timer when it gets close to the start of your event!2015 was an important year for us, as we upgraded all our timing equipment by switching from IPCIO to MYLAPS.  This was a major step for us with allowing the availability of having remote timing points, wider start/finish lines and higher read rates.Having provided services for weddings and other events we decided to offer our equipment and expertise to have a full-service DJ and announcing option available for your event, and we can even have a team of photographers available to take pictures to save the memories for years to come.Whether you are a seasoned race director or just getting started in the exciting world of putting together a race – we are here to help!  Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to check our availability for your event.