Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you use chip timing?

Chip Timing offers many more benefits than the ‘old way’ of manually timing events.  With the use of chip timing, we are able to provide immediate and accurate results for your athletes.  Prior to the race, we import all of your competitors into our system, and pair their race number (bib number) with an electronic chip that is on the back of their bib number.  Once the race starts, our system figures the time between the start to when they cross the finish line; which calculates their race time.

What are the advantages to chip timing?

There are many advantages to use chip timing.  The key advantages of chip timing are: accurate timing, speed of results, less human intervention and the availability to have more race participants.  Manual timing is virtually impossible for the larger races.

When do you arrive at the race site?

We will arrive at your race before your pre-registration starts.  During that time we will set up any equipment that will be used for your event and we will key in race day participants into our system.

Why should we select Racing Expectations over your competitors?

We offer state of the art equipment, our staff is trained to handle your event, and our goal is to provide a quality of service to fit your needs.

How much will it cost you to time my race?

RFID timing is not that much different in pricing than manual results (if not cheaper).  Contact us for pricing!

How many volunteers do I need to provide?

Typically 2-3 volunteers will be needed between pre and post-race needs.  With disposable tags there is no need to worry about collecting shoe tags once your athletes finish the race!

Do you post results at the race site?

YES!  We will post your results on our home page ( and we will also provide electronic results to the race director to email out or post as they want.

I’m organizing a first-time event can you help me with getting started?

YES!  We can help you every step of the way!

Our event is a fundraiser…will you time our event for free?

Virtually every event we time is a fundraiser or are events for amazing causes.  Although we would love to donate our services to help your cause, we cannot sustain being in business if we donated services.  As a generalized statement, we bring about $50,000 worth of equipment for a “standard” 5k.  We treat every event the same and provide the best services we possibly can to ensure your event is able to have the participation it needs to drive the funds for your cause.

You mention that you use MYLAPS equipment. What is so special about MYLAPS?

MYLAPS equipment has more functionality for remote timing points, wider start/finish lines and a higher read rate (99.97%)…which means we can offer what the runners expect for your race!

What is the difference between “gun start” and “chip start?”

With “gun start” all participants get the same start time when the race starts.  When “chip start” there are timing mats at the start line, and every participant gets a unique start time.  If you have a race of 200 people or less, utilizing gun start is highly recommended…but we will work with you to best serve your needs.

Do you offer “disposable chips”?

No.  We used to offer disposable chip timing using IPICO equipment, but due to poor read rates and inferior customer service we decided to switch out equipment over to MYLAPS.

Do you only time running events?

NO!  Our specialty is running events, but we will do triathlons, mud runs, bike races, motocross, etc…if you have a need that requires accurate timing we are here for you!

How far will you travel?

We can make arrangements to travel anywhere!

I don’t need race timing, but I heard you will DJ my wedding or take pictures at my wedding for me.

YES!  Our services are not limited to race events only.  If you have a need for any of our equipment or services, we can help!

Do you offer discounts if we want to use multiple services at our event?

Absolutely!  Depending on the number of services you are interested in, we can offer a discount to provide a total solution for your event!

Whether you are a seasoned race director or just getting started in the exciting world of putting together a race – we are here to help!  Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to check our availability for your event.

Do you time track & field races / Do you have a F.A.T. system?

To time track & field, the required equipment is a F.A.T. (Fully Automated Timing) system…the most common company offering this system is FinsihLynx. Although our RFID systems are accurate down to the thousandth of a second, this level of accuracy is not the standard used at track & field events. F.A.T. systems are automatically triggered from the start gun, and the finish line is recorded by a high speed line scan camera system with a back-up identifying camera.

We currently do not have a F.A.T. timing system, so we are unable to time track & field races at this time. We are planning on expanding for 2018 to include track & field (indoor and outdoor) with our available services.